Since 1982



Merko is a worldwide processor of tomatoes, which now have become an important raw material for the food industry. Our company, proud of serving its customers and suppliers for 40 years, produces tomato paste and diced tomatoes for industrial use. Our tomato paste and chopped tomatoes are produced in our Tepecik factory.



Merko is at the forefront of introducing HACCP and Total Quality to every product line. We closely follow the developments in his field. We regularly conduct in-house training programs in partnership with universities. Units in the group have successfully completed audits of NFPA in the USA, BRC and ISO 9001: 2000 and HACCP accreditation in the UK. The company is also at the forefront of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) initiatives, particularly in partnership with Unilever, by providing Unilever with 100% sustainable products. The philosophy of acting as a producer, but thinking as a consumer is one of the company’s indispensable mottos.


Achieving quality targets is a constant goal for Merko. Our company sees its employees as the most valuable resource of the quality system. All necessary training is given to the Merko Family At Merko, the responsibility of effectively implementing the Quality Management System rests with the factory manager. The Quality Management Representative ensures the coordination of the quality system. All employees contribute to the implementation of the Quality Management System and the stable development of the system.


Merko has ISO 9001:2000 from BSI, BRC and NFPA and registration from HACCP. Our company’s certifications are as listed below, and thanks to these competencies, we can keep our quality sustainably under control from seed to end consumer.
  • Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code: This system is the ‘Sustainable Agriculture Record System’ and records all stages of raw material cultivation from seed to harvest. In this way, safe and sustainable agricultural practices can be carried out.
  • BRC (British Retail Consortium): Food Safety Certificate with international validity. All stages of production are controlled and a system is created in accordance with ISO-9000 standards at all stages, and production is ensured with Hygiene, Food Safety and HACCP practices.
  • Halal (Halal): Certificate of conformity with Islamic Rules of all stages of production. Kosher: A certificate of conformity with the Jewish Code of all stages of production.
  • TSE Covid – 19 Safe Production Certificate: A certificate showing that practices that ensure food and public health are carried out by providing conditions to prevent Covid-19 transmission during process stages.